Dianne Whelan

Award-Winning Canadian Filmmaker, Photographer, Author and Multimedia Artist

Speaking about 500 Days in the Wild on Friday, June 22, 2018

First, it was the high Arctic in This Land. Then it was Mount Everest in 40 Days at Base Camp, now extreme B.C. filmmaker Dianne Whelan is on a solo epic journey in 500 Days in the Wild as she tries to hike and film the longest trail in the world.

Dianne Whelan is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker, photographer, author and multimedia artist. In April 2010, Whelan travelled to Nepal and Mount Everest Base Camp to direct and shoot her award-winning documentary film 40 Days at Base Camp. She also wrote a book about the experience called, Base Camp 40 days on Everest. Whelan’s first book, This Vanishing Land (Caitlin Press), recalls her experience as an embedded media person on a historical sovereignty patrol in the Canadian High Arctic. Her award-winning National Film Board documentary, This Land, is based on the same journey. The online interactive project was nominated for a Gemini.


Dianne Whelan - 500 Days in the Wild

“It’s not where you travel, it’s what you carry in your heart.” – Dianne...